About Kirsie and Regenerate & Elevate Wellness

Hello, I’m Kirsie! I am a certified regenerative health practitioner and clinical iridologist, trained at The Institute of Regenerative Health, Minneapolis, MN. 

Many of you may already know me as the founder and creator of Love & Drishti high vibrational crystal jewelry, a kundalini, and vinyasa yoga instructor, and a reiki master, with an extensive background in breathwork, meditation, movement, and wellness. 


It is with great pleasure and excitement that I invite you to Regenerate & Elevate Wellness! 

Inspired by many outstanding pioneers in the field of science and healing, the belief that the human body was designed to and is capable of healing itself in an optimal environment, and my frustration in dealing with health concerns for which I received no explanation or effective treatment, I decided it was time to learn more about my body, dig deeper into what causes dis-ease, get to the root of the problem so my body could begin to regenerate and heal at the cellular level. 

What I have learned along the way is that disease is not found in healthy tissue. Healthy tissue = vibrant health and a S.A.D. / standard American diet and lifestyle creates an acidic environment in the body and the mind that is not conducive to a long, vibrant and healthy life. 

Through a process of alkalization, detoxification, nutrition and energy, vibrant health is attainable. 


What makes Regenerate & Elevate Wellness different? 

We are energetic beings and as such require high energy nutrition, a resonance with nature, positive connections, and a supportive environment to live at our highest vibration. 

My intention for Regenerate & Elevate Wellness is to offer clients a holistic approach to wellness, addressing body, mind, and spirit. I meet clients where they are without judgement and lead with an open, compassionate heart to create a personalized lifestyle protocol with suggestions for cleansing + detoxifying with whole foods, herbs, supplements, breathwork, meditation, movement and meal planning, which ultimately creates an alkaline environment in the body and mind for optimal health and regeneration at a cellular level.

How does a regenerative detox differ from all the rest? 

A typical cleanse and/or detox simply cleans things up temporarily but does not address the root cause of whatever the reason was that prompted the detoxing in the first place. We may feel better and more energized in the short term simply because we are temporarily consuming less, eating healthier foods and/or eliminating toxic or harmful foods from our diets but shortly after the cleanse or detox has ended things are right back where they were before and in some cases even worse. Some of these programs may even include a “gentle” parasite cleanse which should only be done with proper preparation and can cause harm if the kidneys are not filtering and the lymphatic system is stagnant and struggling. 

A regenerative detox is not a one size fits all detox. During the initial consultation we will review your health intake form and discuss your wellness goals and design a plan especially for you. 

The eyes really are the windows to the soul and if you choose a consultation with an Iris analysis option, (though not necessary to begin the process) the eyes can tell us a great deal about the state of the lymphatic system, constitution, bowels, organs and tissues, nervous system and overall health. 

For every consultation, a personalized 16 week protocol with suggestions for cleansing + detoxifying with whole foods, herbs, supplements, breathwork, meditation, movement and meal planning, is created for you based on the information that is received from your health intake form, interview, and Iris analysis. 


Unfortunately there is no easy quick fix. Regenerating & Elevating is not easy and there will be challenges along the way. As we begin to clean, heal and detoxify our bodies we also begin the process of cleaning, healing and detoxifying our minds of thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. It has taken most of us many years to get to where we are now and it will take some time to reach optimal health, harmony and balance. Just know that you are a vital part of the collective and you are loved and supported and you are worth all of the effort you are investing in yourself!

Are you ready to raise your vibration? 

For more information and to meet me and see if I and Regenerate & Elevate Wellness is a good fit for you book a FREE 15 minute zoom consultation today!