About Kirsie | Love & Drishti…..


About me….

I have been teaching yoga since 2009. I was first drawn to yoga for energy and exercise. Within the movement and flow of vinyasa yoga, I found opening, release, and a connection to my physical body I had not felt before. 

As I dove deeper into my practice I became curious about the philosophy of yoga beyond just the physical postures or asanas. 

My desire for yogic knowledge eventually led me to Kundalini yoga aka. The yoga of awareness, and though at first I found it to be very strange and so much different than the fitness based practice I was accustomed to, I kept going back because I felt so great afterwards, and in time, I began to experience a greater sense of peace and the deeper connection to self that I had always been seeking.  

About Love & Drishti jewelry….

Hands are an extension of the heart and each piece of jewelry I create is made with loving intention. 

Every natural stone and crystal is hand picked by me for it’s beauty and energetic vibration. We are often intuitively drawn to the crystals we need for healing and strengthening and to remind us of our own truth and intentions and I encourage you to touch, feel and experience my creations for yourself. 

About Kundalini Yoga….

A typical kundalini yoga class consists of a kundalini yoga kriya, a meditation and deep relaxation.

*The word kriya literally means action. But kriya is not just any action. It is an action that leads to a complete manifestation, that lets a seed come to bloom, a thought come into actuality, a desire become a commitment. 

In yoga practice, a kriya is a sequence of postures, breathwork, and sound that are integrated together to allow the manifestation of a particular state.

*The Aquarian Teacher Textbook